Busy athletic woman

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Perform at your best.

Long Jump Highlights • 2021 Russian Indoor Championships

Give your body the winning edge. Make An Appointment. Get In Touch. Active recovery. Get back to what you love doing. Increase daily energy. Feel full of energy and ready for action. Kick some serious goals. Unlock your peak performance. Are you tired all the time? Take our FREE anaemia quiz. Our performance nutrition and sports naturopathy approach considers the athlete holistically using evidence based holistic medicine and nutritional medicine.

This allows us to understand how your unique genetic make-up, lifestyle, sporting demands and health history has impacted on your current health status or sports performance. We draw on scientific research, examinations, pathology tests and investigations and work to resolve underlying issues as well as relieving presenting symptoms.

You have come to the right place if your concern relates to:.

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To find out more about the services we provide. We work with people who love to exercise from the recreational enthusiast to elite athletes across all sporting disciplines. We also work with those who enjoy general health and fitness, retired sportspeople and mothers regaining their fitness. Anaemia Quiz.


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Sports Naturopathy and Sports Nutrition through online consultations and in our Melbourne, Ballarat and Torquay clinics. You have come to the right place if your concern relates to: lack of energy, unexplained fatigue or poor performances suspected nutrient deficiencies such as anaemia, insomnia or broken sleep hormones such as loss of periods, irregular cycles, fertility digestion such as bloating, diarrhoea, constipation or reflux bone health sports nutrition and hydration recovery adrenal and thyroid function optimising your endurance running capabilities.

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Book Appointment. Who we work with. A haven for sporting enthusiasts and active people of all abilities and ages. Understand what is going on in your body and monitor your progress. Learn skills, techniques and training methods to get the best response from your body. Make your next event fun and meaningful with an inspirational guest speaker.

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Am I deficient in Zinc? By Kate Smyth, Sports Naturopath. 0.

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How robust is your immunity? Probiotics for Sports Performance.

Women's 60m (First Round) - 2021 Russian Athletics U23 Indoor Championships ᴴᴰ

NormaTec Pulse 2. The link between iron deficiency, thyroid function, exercise and hormones 1 December 1. Athlete Sanctuary.

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Targeted health strategies, naturopathic sports nutrition and holistic coaching. Opening Hours.

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Naturopath Ballarat. Start typing and press Enter to search.

Busy athletic woman

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Age is no barrier: meet the world's oldest top athletes