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Societies and cultures around the world have named their children in the hope of shaping their future by instilling the virtues of name holders. InAudie Murphy was 16 and so slight that he passed out during military training. He later became a famous actor, starring in more than 40 movies.

This name may not have a badass sounding definition, but Axel Rose, the lead singer of hard rock band Guns n Roses, is tough by any definition. Ayrton Senna da Silva was a racing driver who drove a horsepower car at mph and once saved the life of a fellow driver by stopping and running back along the track, dodging other vehicles, and giving him first aid.

The meaning of Boris is unclear. It could be wolf, or it could come from Slavic elements meaning battle and glory. If you are in the market for a tattoo, Boris is the seriously badass artist who owns Boris Tattoo, a world-famous studio. Originally a surname, Bowie has found popularity as a first name, mostly thanks to English music legend David Bowie.

Brick began as an English slang term. Someone who was a good brick was considered a good, decent person. In the U. His parents hoped that by giving him a cool name, he would grow up into an edgy, cool adult. Bruce Springsteen, American singer, songwriter, and musician, was born ina time when the name Cool assss girly friend was at its peak of popularity in the U.

Pronounced Cama-Zots, this was the name of a hardcore figure in Mayan mythology who, in the form of a man with bats wings, brokers a deal with mankind. It is thought that Camazotz was the inspiration for Batman. Carl Akeley, a respected conservationist, was once attacked by a leopard that bit down on his arm.

He then killed it with his bare hands, threw it over his shoulder, and went back to camp. Christopher Lee is best known for his horror films, but he worked in military intelligence during WWII, released a heavy metal album at the age of 88, and is said to be the partial inspiration for James Bond. Social Security Administration. Cooper has that surname-as-a-first-name chic as well as being a badass name, especially for the child of a brewer or someone in a profession that makes or uses barrels. In Greek legend, Pythias was imprisoned and allowed to go temporarily free if Damon took his place.

Damon did so, willingly, and Pythias returned before Damon was executed in his place. Dex has a short, choppy, badass feel and has become popular across the world. Donovan comes Cool assss girly friend the Irish surname, which means descendant of Donndubhan. Donndubhan means brown, dark.

Enzo may come from the German Anzo, meaning giant, or it can be an abbreviation of names ending in Enzo. The definition of Ferris is enough to make it sound pretty badass, but the name itself screams alpha. Johann Georg Faust was a traveling German alchemist, magician, and astrologist on whom the legend of the man who sold his soul to the devil is based.

This, in itself, may not be badass, but the name certainly is. Flynn has become increasingly popular in the U. InOrville Gibson began to sell the instruments he made from his home in Kalamazoo, Michigan. And so was founded the coolest guitar manufacturing company ever, Gibson. Griffin is the Latinized form of Gruffudd, an Old Welsh name that means strong lord or strong prince.

We give Griffin badass status partly because it is an ancient name that evokes images of hand-to-hand combat in hard-fought, muddy battles, and partly because of the part lion, part eagle creature of legend.

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Hugh Glass was an American frontiersman, and legend has it he was mauled by a grizzly and left for dead by his companions. He set his broken leg, let maggots eat his wounds, and reached the nearest settlement after six weeks of travel. The meaning of Ignatius is unclear, but it may be from a Roman family name that was changed to resemble the Latin ignis meaning fire.

Ignatius makes the badass list for no other reason than we think it sounds like a hardcore badass name. This name remains steadily popular in the Netherlands and Sweden, making it a suitable choice for families with Dutch or Scandinavian heritage. Since his death, the depth of his emotional turmoil has only enhanced his standing. At the age of 50, Captain Jack Ward stole the ship of a stranger, crewed it with his drinking buddies, and set off on the high-seas.

Over the next 20 years, he became an infamous pirate and is the inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow. Jackson has cropped up intermittently as a first name, but Jax became hugely popular after Sons of Anarchy introduced the world to hardass biker Jax Teller.

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Jonas Salk developed the vaccine for polio, injected into his own body to test it, and refused to profit from it. Not only did he save roughly 1 million people a year from death or permanent disability, but he also turned his back on billions of dollars. Pretty badass, in our opinion.

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Joe Boyle fought a shark, built a gold mining empire, formed a hockey team that played in the Stanley Cup, established his own machine gunner company, received military honors from five countries, and stole the Romanian crown jewels back from a vault in Moscow. If the name Joe is too commonplace for you, you could opt for the name Cool assss girly friend. The name Jett conjures up an image of someone who is so incredibly badass, they become the definition of the word. He established Vinland in the area around the Gulf of St.

Although modern-sounding, Logan dates back centuries, even as a first name. However, it took off inwhich is the same year Wolverine first appeared in the Marvel universe. Lyle Bouck Jr. This action resulted, 37 years later, in every member of the platoon being decorated. Max is a little mainstream, while Maximus is a bit pretentious. Roald Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer who led the first known expedition to sail through the Northwest Passage and was the first man to reach the South Pole. The improbable sounding Slade Cutter was a U. Naval officer who was famous for being in second place for the of enemy Japanese warships sunk during WWII.

From a fictional standpoint, Slade Wilson was the name of the supervillain Deathstroke. Subutai was the military strategist of Ghengis Khan. He coordinated armies hundreds of miles apart, and his sophisticated strategies were centuries ahead of modern warfare techniques. Tycho Brahe proved it is possible to be an academic and a badass at the same time. The Danish mathematician and astronomer had his nose chopped off during a duel at a wedding reception over who was the better mathematician. With shrapnel in his butt and thigh, he spent 30 straight hours saving the lives of hundreds of men, all while under enemy machine gunfire.

Witold Pilecki was a Polish resistance member in WWII who volunteered to be caught and detained in Auschwitz so he could gather intelligence. He organized a resistance movement within the camp and escaped in after three years. Yonatan Azarihab was stabbed multiple times during a random attack, and the knife used was left embedded in his neck.

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Instead of keeling over, he pulled the knife from his neck and stabbed his attacker with it. Hardcore, huh? Yusuf Alchagirov was Cool assss girly friend year-old Russian shepherd who was attacked by a bear, which he fought, and, at some point in the fight, Yusuf was thrown off a cliff. He sustained bruises and was released from the hospital the next day.

Badass is a subjective term. In Greek mythology, Aella was one of the Amazons who was known for going to war wielding her double ax. Agnes Randolph was a Scottish Countess known for her bravery and strength. For over five months, Agnes held Dunbar castle in the face of an intimidating English army who laid siege to her citadel. Amy Johnson was the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia. This badass woman held several international records for flight times when she died during a fight in World War II.

It should also be noted that this is the feminine form of Azim, which means perseverance in Turkish. Which, to our mind, makes it even better. In doing so, this rebel was responsible for the first car sales. The daughter of an African American mother and Cherokee father, Bessie, died when the plane she was test flying crashed.

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Cleopatra may be a little clunky for. Because of the story of Samson and Delilah, the name has negative connotations for many. Flying in the face of this negativity is what makes this such a badass name, and, init had risen to 88 in the U. British nurse Edith Cavell was executed by a German firing squad in World War I after aiding the escape from occupied Belgium of around 75 soldiers and civilians, giving shelter to them in her home before helping them across the border. Not only was she the first woman to complete the trail alone, but she also did it three times. The mosque developed an institution of learning that eventually became the University of al-Qarawiyyin, the oldest learning institution globally.

Hattie is a shortened form of Harriet, which evolved from Old English and means leader of the army. Hattie is an intimidating baby name not only because of its meaning, but also because of the badassery of Hattie Gossett, Hattie Lawton, and Hattie Caraway. Less well known is that she was the co-inventor of a complex frequency hopping technology and improvements to several aircraft des. Henryka Krzywonos is a Polish MP who is considered one of the pivotal figures in the Polish revolution of She began a strike by stopping the tram she was Cool assss girly friend, which eventually led to Polish independence.

Born into slavery, Ida B. Wells was an American investigative journalist, co-founder of the Alpha Suffrage Club, and was awarded a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the horrors of lynching. Despite torture by the Gestapo and the threat of death, Irena Sendlerowa never revealed the names or locations of the Jewish children she rescued from the Warsaw Ghetto in World War II. She also sued The Times for saying she dressed like a man. Katherine Switzer ed up for and officially ran the Boston Marathon in when women were not Cool assss girly friend to run. A race organizer tried, unsuccessfully, to drag her from the race, which she completed.

The Pixies are credited with influencing major artists such as Kurt Cobain. Komako Kimura was a Japanese suffragist. Instead of shutting down, she made performances free and was arrested. She was captured during a battle with the Waffen SS and sentenced to hang. She refused to give up other resistance members in return for her life and was hanged. Sounds pretty badass to us. She was arrested and spent 15 years under house arrest for fighting against apartheid.

In German romantic literature, Lorelei is the name of a maiden who lives on Loreley, a rocky headland on the Rhine. There she lures boaters and sailors to their death with her songs. Maud Stevens Wagner was a badass punk before punk was even a thing. The first known professional female tattoo artist in the U. She saw ten deployments before she was injured, and her true gender was discovered.

We like Nila because it manages to sound dark and edgy while at the same time being feminine. Nila is also modern-sounding, although it was briefly popular in the U. A short and choppy name with punch, Nikita is badass, without being too aggressive. It became briefly popular in the U. Omu Okwei is considered to have been the greatest queen in Nigerian history.

She built an extensive business empire and worked with the invading British while maintaining many important Nigerian traditions. For her edgy, intelligent lyrics and her badass attitude to the music industry, Patti Smith is sometimes known as the poet laureate of punk. Inpost-punk band Siouxsie and the Banshees released a cover version of the Beatles song Dear Prudence. The song was a favorite of Jerry Garcia, and he also recorded a cover version.

Cool assss girly friend

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