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Hey there! Sex, always a neutral topic! Either way, welcome to the blog.

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When thinking about libido, there are two different types of arousal. Spontaneous sexual desire goes something like this: you look at your partner and think about how attractive they are. You get turned on. You initiate sexual activity. Spontaneous desire is often portrayed in the media. In a movie, the two le share a smoldering look, make out, and clothes come off.

Then the two le wake up wearing pants and strategically placed sheets. But spontaneous desire often fades over time. If you want to about mismatched libidos, check out this great podcast episode from Therapist Uncensored.

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So, if spontaneous desire has faded or is greatly reduced then what is left? Responsive desire. Responsive desire goes something like this: your partner asks if you want to make out. You start making out. It feels good. Sexual activity ensues. Responsive desire means that someone does not get turned on until some form of sexual activity like kissing begins. This is completely normal. You can also read her book Come as You Are.

Crucial note: this does not mean that you should pressure your partner into having sex. If someone says no, that means no. People also have the right to say no to anything once sexual activity has started. For people who frequently feel responsive desire, you can try kissing, touching, etc. If you start to feel into it, then go from there. This includes the pressure to orgasm or the pressure to do any specific sexual act. Libido is incredibly complex, and this is only one piece of the puzzle. This blog post should not be substituted for medical care from qualified health professionals.

Growing up, I scorned romance novels. I thought they were trashy and embarrassing.

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I had never actually read one. I got the message loud and clear from peers and the media: reading romance novels was a shameful act. It took me until my mids before I actually picked up a romance novel metaphorically, I read it on my Kindle so no one would see the cover.

Romance novels can be a great escape from work stress, the news, etc. True, some romance novels are cheesy and contain problematic story lines. But there are books in all genres with those flaws. So as a feminist, I will say loud and proud that I think romance novels are great!

I do think romance novels can be a helpful tool. Nikki le an erotic storytelling workshop to a group of women at a community center. The Prince of England falls in love with the son of the first female president. Need I say more? I honestly liked this book so much it hurt. The Proposal follows Nik and Carlos. Carlos swoops in to save the day.

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Cuteness ensues. She wants to learn from a professional, so she hires Michael as an escort. This book takes place in a small town in Wales. Poppy and Rosalyn grew up together, but they had a falling out in high school. Now Rosalyn is back, and Poppy has to sort out her feelings for her old friend. The higher-libido partner or pursuer can feel rejected, undesirable, and like their needs are not being met. Both pursuers and distancers have valid reasons for wanting more intimacy or more space.

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Try to avoid placing blame on one member of the relationship. Instead, be curious about the dynamic. The more the pursuer asks for sex, the more the distancer feels pressured. The more the distancer feels pressured, the less likely they are to want sex. The more the distancer declines sex, the more the pursuer wants closeness.

To change this, both partners need to attempt to reverse the cycle. The pursuer needs to pause pursuing, and the distancer needs to begin initiating. Sometimes the distancer needs to process sexual trauma or shame about their body or sexuality. This can take time. The distancer can try thinking about what turns them on. Is it a date night? A clean house? Lots of foreplay? The distancer can also pinpoint what turns them off. Negative body image? A stressful day? The pursuer can think about what sex means to them. For example, sex can make the pursuer feel attractive, loved, and close to their partner.

These are all understandable feelings, and sex is an important part of a relationship. However, the pursuer can also think about other ways they could feel close Durham women want sex their partner. Perhaps quality time, long conversations, or compliments could help the pursuer feel loved and desired.

The pursuer might also need to work on self-esteem and body image, so they can feel confident even if their partner declines an advance. Keep in mind that these dynamics can change over time. For example, someone might be a pursuer in one relationship, and be a distancer in another relationship. Sexuality is incredibly complex. Many people can orgasm by themselves but not with a partner.

Factors such as communication, feeling comfortable with your body, and past trauma can all contribute to this phenomenon. However, if someone regularly uses porn from a young age it can affect their ability to orgasm with a partner. Greg started watching porn every night at age There was a certain kind of pornography he was into, and he became accustomed to watching it.

He met his first boyfriend in college when he was 19, and they had sex. He tried googling the phenomenon and mostly found articles about women not being able to orgasm. This made him feel isolated and even more confused. Internet porn is free, readily available, and extremely stimulating. Different sexual acts flick by rapidly on screen. Durham women want sex addition, pornography often caters to sexual taboos. These taboos can be highly erotic, but they are unlikely to play out with a real-life partner. Sex with a partner has a different kind of stimulation than masturbating to porn.

Partnered sex is often less story-based and less visual. It relies on different senses and different bodily stimulation. Pornography also depicts unrealistic standards of sexuality and bodies. Women are thin, large-breasted, and hairless. All of these factors can make it difficult for long-time regular porn users to orgasm with a partner. Once Greg became stressed about not orgasming, a negative cycle developed. This in turn made it harder for him to orgasm. This in turn made him more stressed. Fortunately, there are ways to change this pattern. Start with a month-long break and see how you feel.

This can help your brain adjust to different stimulation. It sounds counterintuitive, but stop trying to orgasm. The harder you try, the harder it actually is. Try to be in the moment with your body. Feel the sensations that are occurring—kissing, touching, sounds.

Being in the moment is easier said than done. Mindfulness is difficult even for people who meditate regularly.

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