Seeking sexual fantasay

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Here's the psychology behind each fantasy, plus how to make yours happen. Everyone has a sexual fantasy—a specific type of sex or a certain place or position that excites you whenever you think about it. But for most of us, our favorite fantasy is a closely guarded secret. We worry that it's too edgy or weird, and we'll be judged for it. Or there's an element of danger that makes it too risky. One sex researcher is making the case that your go-to sexual fantasy probably isn't as unusual as you think.

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After conducting a survey, Lehmiller identified seven fantasy themes that rank as the most popular among Americans. The top three on his list are fantasies that just about everyone has had at one time or another.

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Here, he breaks down each one, telling Heath about the psychology behind the fantasy, why it's completely normal, and how you can approach your partner and make it happen IRL. This popular fantasy includes everything from a menage a trois to a multi-person orgy, and it can include men, women, and both. Why is it so common?

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Even though you might love and feel close to your partner, monogamy can get, well, dull. Glued to the TV whenever 50 Shades of Grey is on? You're not alone. In both cases, these psychological changes make you less likely to be distracted and, therefore, more likely to let go and enjoy the experience. What kind of person fantasizes about sex as an expression of power? Lehmiller says you could be seeking out something different, or that you find yourself distracted during sex. It could also be one way some people learn to cope with sexual anxiety.

Turns out boredom is behind this sexual fantasy as well. Sex on a beach, anal sexing the mile high club, and bringing food into the bedroom are other examples of fantasies that are all about increasing novelty and excitement. If you tell people not do something, no matter what it is, this is going to make some people want to do it. Open relationships and polyamory are increasingly acceptable lifestyle choices for lots of couples—and they're sexual fantasies for many people who are in traditional monogamous relationships.

This fantasy theme is about the trappings of seduction: candlelit dinners, mind and body intimacy, and a partner who deeply desires you. Lehmiller says that people who do not feel good about themselves or their relationships are more likely to fantasize about adding passion to their lives. Fantasies involving someone of the same gender can be very surprising for some people, and it may make them question their own sexual orientation.

But while issues with sexual orientation might be driving the fantasy, Lehmiller believes it's more a response to a ho-hum sex life. Having a conversation with your partner about the fantasy scenario raging in your head can be challenging and nerve-wracking. Understandably, you're worried about being laughed out or considered freaky.

And that rejection on the part of your ificant other Seeking sexual fantasay have deep emotional repercussions. Lehmiller suggests going about it like this. Professional counseling might be warranted in some cases because tackling shame can be a tough Seeking sexual fantasay to do on your own.

The Sexual Fantasies of Others

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Seeking sexual fantasay

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