Seeking someone to help me

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After all, the more people you have in your corner, the better. Either way, nobody knows your skills and preferences better than the people you used to work side-by-side with—meaning they can be a huge help in your job search. With my background in [field] and skills in [area], my ideal position involves [detailed description of ideal job] for an employer who [detailed description of ideal company].


Thanks so much, [Name]! I have so many fond memories of our time together at [Company], and I hope things are even better for you since then.

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Chances are good that he or she is connected to other people in the industry—some of whom might even be hiring. You can also find my attached to this to get a better understanding of what I bring to the table.

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The only problem? Would you be willing to send a brief introducing the two of us? The more people you have keeping the ear to the ground, the better your search for a new position will go.

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For a greater understanding of my professional qualifications, you can find my attached to this. Enlisting the help of your network in your job search can feel a little awkward. And fortunately, these templates make that a whole lot easier. Networking Job Searching?

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email: [email protected] - phone:(181) 447-7624 x 6993

Job Searching? 4 Templates That'll Make Asking for Help So Much Easier