Virgin looking for a fuck buddy

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So I've been talking to guys on tinder recently cause I've gotten horny af pretty sure the change in BC several months ago. I just want a guy that I'm not necessarily friends with to mess around with so I can learn i guess? I don't want a relationship rn nor do I have the time, so I think this might be fine. I've been sexting and sending pictures without faces to a guy and I trust him and hes a good guy not that we really share any interests, I wont get attached. Its not like I see losing my virginity as a huge deal, but I just want to have some fun.

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Should I just be like, hey want to be fuck buddies? Im a virgin tho so you'll be my teacher? What do I say? And does anyone else have advice? Well, when it comes to sex, most guys are not that complicated. Especially not the ones you meet on tinder. If you are really interested in him beeing your fuckbuddy, just ask him. Not like hes going to turn a free fuck down One thing.

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If you want to tell him, that u are a virgin. Wait until you guys meet face to face. Any tips?

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Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Just ask him. He's not a mind reader. Ask them. More posts from the sex community.

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Virgin looking for a fuck buddy

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